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Photo Licensing offers many options to news, social, athletic organizations and others interested in reproducing our work. Cost is based solely on circulation and traffic to your website. We also abide by all written published licenses in regards to our photographs intended to protect players, participants, copyrights and individuals.

Licensing for images can be created for a single season, a single sport, a single school or a single image. Starting at $25 for a one-time use we are able to accommodate any request from any entity.

We do protect the rights of our photographers, however, so please note that the license we share images to member schools under is not applicable to other entities - just because we gave them the photos doesn't mean they have the right to give them to you (for regular season events). If you have questions about the photos you received please email with your concerns. Photo Use License - Current shares all of its images with the schools and the conferences of their events. Proof images from every event are available upon request and prepared for direct download from our website. If you need any images from past events, please contact us with the date of the event and the teams involved and we will make it available. These images are non-transferable. They are only for use of the Athletic, Communications and Marketing offices for the schools and may not be transferred to other media organizations without the expressed written permission of Downloading, retransmitting, or otherwise disseminating the contents of the above-linked ZIP file is considered acceptance of this license and all downloads and data collected therein will be recorded. Use of our images without permission and/or without the proper credit is considered theft and an invoice per use of up to $250 per image will be submitted to your communications office along with a copy of this email. For NCAA tournament events: NCAA licensing limits photos of NCAA championship events to editorial and school use only and may not be re-distributed under any circumstances per direction of office of Corporate and Broadcast Alliances at the NCAA. [updated: March 5, 2012; February 1, 2019; August 30, 2019]'s Photo Use License - Explained