Searching for Track and Field, Cross Country, or Swimming and Diving photos?

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Are you interested in joining

We're looking to expand around the country. On the map below, we're looking for photographers in states where there are NCAA Division III schools.
• The darker the red circle is the more active the photographer in that area.
• Black dots represent NCAA Division III schools.
• Circles indicate a photographer's self-chosen coverage area.
Coverage from the recent past should not be considered indicative of current or future photographers.

As of our most recent update here (December, 2023) the following areas have no active coverage:

There are a few things you need to know before contacting us:

  1. We have both a flexible deadline and expectations. We expect you to do the editing, uploading of both proof images shortly after the game and the full resolution files within 24 hours of the completion of the game.
  2. We do not pay per game. You are paid a percentage out of your sales. All of our photographers are paid in this manner and we have been operating this way since 2003.
  3. We do not reimburse mileage, meals or food. You can write those off on your taxes out of your sales next spring.
  4. You are expected to be your own salesperson at events. While we give you resources to help you (shirts, sweatshirts [for purchase], business card designs, marketing on facebook and on our media partner websites) you need to make your sales happen.
  5. We're a resale outlet for you. We will sell on your behalf, we will provide images to newspapers, schools, other media outlets that come to us.
  6. You own your images. You're just letting us resell them to make you some extra income and give the fans something to look at and hold on to remember the games by.
  7. This is "At will employment." And you are a contractor. We will not take taxes out of your sales.

Still interested? We ask you use our registration page. Please provide as much information as you can. Registration Page

Key: Circle Opacity relates to the amount of events covered in the past four years by each photographer and width of circle is their coverage area.  Black Dots represent NCAA Division III Schools  Black Circles represent new photographers to group who have not covered an event